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RedRoom - Venice Biennale 2019

Into the Redroom of female sexuality


In cooperation with


Sarah Barmak as seen on 

Maria Kassimova-Moisset


I have always been fascinated by the photographer’s darkroom. It is a space that is very special, very intimidating. I am always expecting to discover secrets that are forbidden for the outside world, or perhaps secrets that no one wants to talk about.

RedRoom seeks to project the combined experiences of joy, guilt and desire within women.  I have focussed on the diverging and conflicting emotions that women feel in trying to unfurl our true feminine identity. I try to lift the shame we sometimes experience in regard to sexual relationships so that we can freely and uninhibitedly celebrate our female self on our terms, even if they conflict with the pressures of conforming to the norms and rules of family, community and society. This liberating attitude to and behavior within life — and more specifically sex — greatly interests me, not least because talking sex in an academic context feels thrillingly incongruous.

Even in today’s morally relaxed society “sex” remains to many as dirty word.  Exploring attitudes to sex through the medium of art, paintings and drawings is a liberating experience. I explore mainly the female desires; forbidden love, inner conflicts and try to lift the taboos in our sexual relationships. I want to show that women have a right to share their emotions without feeling ashamed.


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