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Pink cloud is the purest symbol of hope and desire for something good. It gives you a beautiful mystical feeling, life is beautiful now, you feel the power of the pink cloud. Changing you, giving you hope. Pink Cloud influences our experience in the present. Psychological research has consistently demonstrated the relationship between our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.


National Gallery Sofia

The National Gallery presents 12 rounded objects of steel mesh in delicate shades of pink, which combine a sense of solidity with a soft airiness, corresponding to the feminine essence. Together with Emprove Foundation concept recognises the power—visible and invisible—that generates wind in the sails, unites and safeguards. The installation also embodies support in society and the ability to back each other up in the turbulent storms of life.


The EMPROVE FOUNDATION mission is to raise awareness of the earliest signs of violence in relationships, to change public attitudes, and to support women and girls who have experienced violence. Its activities include public campaigns for early prevention and awareness, free psychological and legal support for female survivors of violence, coaching, events, trainings, group therapy sessions, art initiatives, as well as building the Women Survivors community, which supports other women on their way to change and a new life.


other places where PinlkCloud was exhibited

Pink Cloud is a traveling art installation. It is exhibited in the public spaces in different countries, changing according to weather conditions, time and specific spots. This is met with non-traditional methods of creation and presentation. In the context of today’s news, the art installation Pink Cloud is a positive sound, giving hope for peace and desire for life.

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